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Before you Start... PLEASE READ!

ALL Current & New Members


Welcome to our NEW site, NAME Pros!

If you have a current / active PAID membership account on the OLD NAMEentertainers site, and you're trying to login to that account, it is not accessible anymore, as we are transitioning to this new site. We have your file information.

For questions about your current membership, from the old site, and/or need your current NAME member number, let us know by contacting us. Details below (Email, Phone, or fill out the "Contact Us" form).


If your membership needs to be RENEWED, or you're NEW to NAME Pros, A NEW membership account will need to be created and a membership plan will need to be purchased... SELECT "Create a NEW Account"


If you created account on this NEW site, on of after March 1, 2023, Choose "Login to your EXISTING Account

QUESTIONS? ...We are here to help!
Email: Click Here
Phone: 888-510-6171

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