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#1 Industry Association since 1995

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  • Network with other event operators across the country and around the world.

  • Outstanding LIVE customer service staff that can help answer any questions about your membership.

  • BEST rates for liability insurance to protect your business. 

  • Discounts on supplies, software and equipment with the top product vendors in the industry. 


  • FREE top level listings in the most popular online industry directories. 

  • Member only discounts and flash sales to equipment, supplies, software and more to help save your business money.

  • Music association discounts for DJs.

  • Expo/show discounts 

  • SEO and marketing discounts.

  • Financial Advice.

  • Legal help. 

  • ... and More!


Become part a community of thousands of event professionals in the US, Canada and around the world. NAMEpros can help your business in multiple ways by providing shared financial and operational information to help your business grow and ultimately success!

Gain knowledge and share your experiences with other members at NAMEpros. With thousands of members, in various event service businesses, you'll have exclusive access within your membership. 

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